The Maness School House, completed in February 1937, it is the only building in the entire area that was not moved or destroyed when the Department of Defense acquired to build Camp Chaffee. German POW’s built the patio in 1943. The school was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 29, 2003. Stonehouse opened its doors in December 2015


At Stonehouse, we are passionate about our food. Stonehouse was founded on the belief that food shouldn’t just be eaten, it should be savored and enjoyed. We feel successful when we see our guests, laughing, smiling, and creating memories surrounded by wonderful food.

We believe that cooking is not just a means to feed. Rather, it is a way of life to display art and talent. We are always trying new things and want to keep our restaurant filled with unique, fun, and memorable tastes. Our goal is to make certain that no guests ever become bored of our menu, but are instead delighted and surprised each and every time they come in to dine. We take eating to the next level; you deserve to come in and see what fresh food should always taste like. Contact us to reserve your table today!