1. Give Into The Cravings

    You dined at your favorite local farm fresh steakhouse last weekend. You had the hardest time deciding whether you wanted the Yardbird Marsala or the 1855 Black Angus Prime Rib. You ended up getting the Yardbird; there was something about the sound of creamy risotto, sweet marsala wine sauce, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms covering a piece of free-range chicken that you just couldn’t resist. I…Read More

  2. The Perfect Pairing

    With so many wine selections to choose from, it can be hard to decide which kind of wine is best to enjoy with a specific type of meal. There are so many rules to pairing wine. There is a specific pairing for meals with a creamy and cheesy sauce versus a red meat sauced meal in the same way that you will want to pair a different wine with your Shrimp Scampi than you would with a Tomahawk Ribeye. W…Read More

  3. Beefy Facts About The Most Expensive Steaks In The World

    Are you in search of the perfect steak? While you should be able to find a number of delicious steaks in your hometown, sometimes you have to travel to find the most extraordinary of things. Steak is one of those things. Steak should always be fresh and cooked to perfection. If you live in Fort Smith, then you know that the Stonehouse Steakhouse is your number one choice for a juicy, high quality …Read More

  4. Join Us For A Night To Remember

    Friday night is date night and the pressure is on. You want to take your lady somewhere special, because she is special and deserves only the best. You want her to fall in love with you all over again. You tell her to go shopping for a new dress and promise that it will be worth every cent. Tonight is the night, you open her car door and invite her to step into the vehicle. Once she is secured in …Read More

  5. How Do You Like Your Steak?

    Once you have decided on the type of steak that you would like to indulge in at your neighborhood steakhouse of Fort Smith, the next big decision that must be made is how you would like your perfect cut of meat to be cooked. There are four major ways that people generally enjoy their steak: blue, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done. Let’s take a look at what these different ste…Read More

  6. Steak Straight From The Steer

    When you head to a steakhouse, you are probably going there to get your red meat fix. While steakhouses, such as the Stonehouse in Fort Smith, have a lot of gourmet food options to choose from, you will most likely be going with a thick juicy cut of meat. Today we will be looking at the different cuts of meat and what you can expect when you order them. Filet Mignon If you have ever had the honor …Read More

  7. Welcome to Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing

    Welcome to Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing. We are your local, friendly, fresh, farm to table steakhouse of Fort Smith. We want the Stonehouse to be your home away from home. We want our steakhouse to not only be the place in Fort Smith that you go for farm fresh food, but also to make memories with your family, friends, significant other, or coworkers. With a large selection of food, and perfect a…Read More