Farm to Table eating is one of the best and most affordable ways to stay happy and healthy in Fort Smith, or any area for that matter. Eating farm to table is easier than you may think. Head to your local farmer’s market for fresh options and great deals. Finding a farmers market in your area is a promising way to find fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, bread, dips, and more. You can even find organic skin care products and soaps. Most of these items are marked down far below what they would be sold for at a retail store. Here are some tips to follow when headed to the farmers market:

Arrive Early

It is true what they say, the early bird does get the worm when it comes to going to the farmers market. The earlier you arrive, the more selection you will have. Arriving early allows you to get the first pick on a lot of the items being sold. Most produce sold at the farmers market is picked the day of.

Ask To Taste It

If you aren’t sure about a particular product that you are buying, ask for a taster. Most farmers will be more than willing to provide you with a free taste. Some participants at the farmers market even put out samples on their tables to entice buyers.

There Is No Bargaining

Don’t try to bargain with the farmers at the market. The prices marked on the items are considered fair. They are already below what you would pay at the grocery store because there is no overhead or markup cost. Participants in the farmers market aren’t making a very big profit margin. They depend on markets such as these to survive. Luckily 99 percent of the money that you spend at your local farmers market will be regenerated into the local economy. The food is very affordable, fresh, and delicious.

Sometimes You Can’t Get It All

Unlike the grocery store, the farmer’s market only carries items that are in their prime or in season. Your selection depends on the local growth and what grows well in your area, depending where you live. Some produce just simply isn’t available during select seasons.

Get In The Know

Want to get in the know with farmers markets near you? Follow farmers markets in your area on social media. You will get notification of when the next farmers market will be, and which vendors you can count on to be in attendance.


Supporting your local economy and your health by shopping at farmers markets in your area is easy. Farm to table eating in Fort Smith has never been easier. Don’t feel like shopping or cooking tonight? Still enjoy a farm to table meal at your local Fort Smith steakhouse: Stonehouse. Our chefs shop our local farmers markets for the freshest, local ingredients to create their culinary masterpieces. Call today to reserve a table!