The Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing is a farm to table steakhouse in Fort Smith. We believe in buying locally, and eating locally. We also believe in supporting small, local businesses while getting the advantages of fresh food straight from the farm. There are also a lot of advantages when it comes to buying locally. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying locally:

Economy Stimulation

When you buy locally, you are stimulating your own area of the economy. It allows jobs to be created, the community and businesses to grow, and allows the community to earn money through taxes as well.

Better Quality

Purchasing food that has been grown locally is not only fresher than imported foods, but there is also better quality control. This means that you know for sure exactly where the food came from, what kind of water was used to help the plants grow effectively, and what kind of pesticides have been used – or not used – on the food as well. All of these things can affect the health benefits of the food.

Reduced Pollution

Since the food does not have to travel, pollution is reduced from large trucks and planes that would normally be responsible for transporting the food items across our country and overseas. This means fewer greenhouse emissions as well.

Our farm to table steakhouse of Fort Smith not only supports the local economy but also supports better quality food. Food is our passion, so we only ever use the freshest and most tasty ingredients. Taste the difference for yourself. Contact us today to book your reservation!