Your cousin Sherri is in town for the weekend. You are so excited to show her around Fort Smith. You have a list of activities for the two of your to complete. You want to take her to your favorite specialty shop, Crane Clothing Co; Your local favorite. You also want to hit the farmer’s market for some fresh local produce. They have the best strawberries around, and it is just about time to whip up some of your famous strawberry rhubarb pies.

Your cousin Sherri is very into knowing where her food comes from, and sustainable living. She lives a very green lifestyle out in Oregon. She even started a community garden at her apartment complex. Sherri not only loves locally grown food, but she also loves supporting local businesses. While you are at the farmer’s market, it dawns on you that you have to take Sherri to Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing! Stonehouse is your local farm-to-table steakhouse in Fort Smith.

An Evening Out

You call up Stonehouse to reserve a table for this evening, hoping you can get a reservation. Luckily for you, there has been a cancellation and the hostess is able to sneak the two of you in at 7:30 PM.  It is a very popular local steakhouse, so their tables are always in high demand. You arrive wearing new dresses that you had purchased earlier in the day at Crane Clothing Co. Your table is prepared, and your appetite is in full swing. You begin your meal with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon because you know that it will pair well with the steaks that you are planning to order. You decide to start with the Organic Spinach N Kale Dip. You both decide that this is a great way to get some greens into your meal without feeling like a rabbit. You decide to have the 10 oz. Flat Iron for dinner with creamy horseradish sauce, and Sherri choses the Double Bone-In Pork Chop. Your meat choices arrive at the table cooked to perfection. Your mouth is bursting with flavor and the pork chop and flat iron steak pair perfectly with your wine selection. You take your time savoring each and every bite. You both are more than thrilled with your meals. Sherri loves this farm-to-table hot-spot in Fort Smith. She is wowed by everything from the service to the fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and presentation.

Sherri’s Takeaways

Sherri expresses to you how happy she was to spend the weekend with you. She has loved every moment of it, especially the decedent food. She really appreciated you taking her to Stonehouse for dinner. That was her favorite meal throughout the weekend, and she can’t wait to come back for another visit so that the two of you can dine their yet again.

If you are looking for an amazing farm-to-table restaurant in the Fort Smith area, head to Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing for an experience to remember! Contact us today for reservations!