The idea of eating healthy has been taking the nation by storm. With hundreds of fad diets to choose from, it is no wonder that we are constantly changing the rules and standards of what it means to eat healthy. It is no mystery that binge eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars will not lead to a slimmer waist. In fact it has been found that eating simple, good quality meals is the best option for weight loss. Luckily for you, eating healthy food can still be a gourmet experience at the Stonehouse of Fort Smith.

Our farm to table restaurant is known for our decadent and savory dishes that are made to order with farm fresh ingredients. Our menu is perfect for anyone trying to watch their weight because there are so many options, and they are all customizable! Our chef will even allow you to request a meal of your choice. You can mix and match our food options to create a healthy gourmet meal that your body and your taste buds will love. Enjoy a farm fresh cut of steak with a side of local steamed veggies, or have an order of salmon with corn succotash. We have plenty of protein and vegetable combinations to create a gourmet meal with fresh food ingredients.

Head to Stonehouse for the best gourmet and healthy food in Fort Smith. Contact us today to request a specialty meal or to reserve a table!