It is your anniversary, and your lady is expecting a nice evening. You asked her what she would like to do to celebrate your anniversary. She replies that she wants to just relax and that she would like to have a romantic evening in. You are more than happy to oblige. You begin planning in your head how everything will come together. You don’t mind staying in and celebrating, but you still want the evening to feel special.

The Decor

You want to make the evening special, however you know that having dinner in your man cave of an apartment isn’t exactly ideal. You know you need to spruce things up to impress your special lady. First things first, you give your apartment a good scrub down – floor to ceiling. You open the windows to let in a little fresh air, launder your sheets, and even make the bed. Now that your apartment is looking spotless, you need to set the mood for the evening. You head to the florist to pick up a dozen red roses, followed by the candle shop so that you can create the perfect ambiance in your apartment. You even buy a tablecloth to class things up. You get home and begin to set up your place. You set the table for two, the only thing left to take care of is dinner.

The Meal

You would love to cook an amazing dinner for your girlfriend for your anniversary, but let’s be honest you can barely whip up a pot of mac and cheese. You want the food to be gourmet, you want her to be impressed. So you dial up the Stonehouse Steakhouse of Fort Smith and place a carryout order. You decide on a Chef’s Board to start, pick up a Stone House Wedge Salad to split, a full order of King Crab Legs and a few side orders of the Bacon Mac N Cheese and Mushroom Risotto. This gourmet food made to order is sure to please.


You shower, shave, and put on a button down before heading out to the Stonehouse of Fort Smith to pick up your gourmet food. You swing by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of her favorite wine. You grab another selection as well that the store owner has recommended to pair swimmingly with your king crab. Next, you head to the steakhouse pick up your to-go meal. Your food is perfectly prepared and ready to go when you arrive. The host swipes your credit card and off you go. You return back to your apartment with minutes to spare. You hear a knock at the door. It’s your beautiful girlfriend, looking stunning as always. Your anniversary evening in is now in full swing! You are ready to wine and dine your special lady at ease thanks to the help of convenient and delicious gourmet food to go from the Stonehouse of Fort Smith.

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