Are you in search of the perfect steak? While you should be able to find a number of delicious steaks in your hometown, sometimes you have to travel to find the most extraordinary of things. Steak is one of those things. Steak should always be fresh and cooked to perfection. If you live in Fort Smith, then you know that the Stonehouse Steakhouse is your number one choice for a juicy, high quality steak. However, if you are looking to try some of the most expensive steaks in the world, here is a list of a few to get you started:

Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheese Steak

Kobe beef is one of the top grades of beef. It is delicious, but also expensive.You can find this delectable sandwich in Philadelphia at the Barclay Prime and it costs $100. The wagyu ribeye is served on a homemade brioche roll and with caramelized onions, heirloom shaved tomatoes, cheese, and truffles. It is also served with a glass of Dom Perignon 2000.

Wagyu Tomahawk

This thick and juicy slab of meat is served on the bone and shaped to look like an axe. It is considered a novelty piece of meat at The Providence Restaurant in Rhode Island where you can order it ala carte for $109. The ribeye is 22oz and is served and devoured cave man style.

Wagyu No Sumibiyaki

If you are looking for world class beef, look no further than the charcoal grilled rib eye with daikon ponzu sauce at Zuma in London. This is a very ritzy restaurant made for only true food connoisseurs. The cut of beef goes for $139 per plate.

Wagyu Sirloin

For this delightful cut of steak, you will have to head halfway around the world to Dubai. You will find this $169.00 steak at the glamorous Al Muntaha Restaurant. This steak and the view you will have while eating it is sure to make for an exceptional experience.

Select Special Kobe Filet

Kobe, Japan is where kobe beef originated, and it is also where you will find this filet. It is prepared by a kitchen of all women on a copper and iron grill, and is served with salmon, salad, and dessert. They consider having all women in the kitchen a comfort factor at The Kobe Renga-Tei Steak Restaurant. Enjoy this perfectly cooked steak for $246.

A5 Kobe Strip Steak

This is by far one of the most expensive steaks with a price tag of $350. This tender and flavorful strip steak, generally ordered cooked rare is very popular at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City.

Travel the world and drop hundreds of dollars on the world’s most expensive steak, or visit your local Fort Smith neighborhood steakhouse, the Stonehouse. If you aren’t planning on booking a plane ticket to Japan or New York anytime soon, call us to reserve a table. We will satisfy your craving for the perfect steak time and time again.