You dined at your favorite local farm fresh steakhouse last weekend. You had the hardest time deciding whether you wanted the Yardbird Marsala or the 1855 Black Angus Prime Rib. You ended up getting the Yardbird; there was something about the sound of creamy risotto, sweet marsala wine sauce, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms covering a piece of free-range chicken that you just couldn’t resist. It was delightful. Every bite more savory than the last. You were more than satisfied with your decision. Now, three days later, you are remember that the reason you went to Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing in the first place was because you were having an undeniable craving for a hand-cut piece of juicy medium-rare, red meat.

Head To The Steakhouse

You decide that you have to return to the steakhouse in Fort Smith. You need steak, and you need it now. You grab your best friend, and head out on your hunt for a juicy steak. Your mouth is watering as you review the savory menu. You decide to start with the Jalapeno Poppers. You can’t say no to cream cheese, grilled jalapenos, and chili paste combined in an eggroll wrapper that’s fried to perfection. Once you have decided on a starter, you immediately dedicate your attention to the steak selection. Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing is your favorite steakhouse in Fort Smith, and for good reason. You decide to splurge on the 12 oz. Bone-In Filet Mignon paired with the Bordelaise Sauce. Your mouth is fantasizing just thinking about the delicate pieces of lightly seared meat. You have given into your craving, and you couldn’t be happier.

For all of your steak cravings, head on over to Stonehouse in Fort Smith. You will be happy that you did! Contact us today for a reservation!