Once you have decided on the type of steak that you would like to indulge in at your neighborhood steakhouse of Fort Smith, the next big decision that must be made is how you would like your perfect cut of meat to be cooked. There are four major ways that people generally enjoy their steak: blue, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done. Let’s take a look at what these different steak temperatures entail, so the next time you are at the Stonehouse steakhouse in Fort Smith, you will know exactly how to order your steak:


Not very many people order their steak this way. When you order your steak rare, you can essentially expect it to be walked past the grill.This is the least amount that you can cook a steak, and still have it be safe enough to eat. The outside of the steak is seared for 60 seconds on each side. Once all the edges are sealed, it’s time to serve. The internal temperature of this kind of cooking is between 10 and 29 degrees celsius. The steak will be very bloody and spongy.


Ordering your steak rare will put it on the grill for no more than five minutes total. The meat will be extremely bloody still at this point. The inside of your steak should be bright red and the internal temperature should be between 30 and 51 degrees celsius.

Medium Rare

Medium rare is cooked only slightly longer than a rare piece of meat. The meat will still be mostly red when dug into, but will be a little less juicy and bloody than if you were to order the meat rare. The internal temperature should be between 57 and 63 degrees celsius.


A medium steak will have a hot pink center, and pink juices. It will be mostly cooked but the center will be a little more juicy and tender. Most people prefer to have their steak cooked this way. The internal temperature should be between 63 and 68 degrees celsius.

Medium Well

Medium well, also known as the point of no return when it comes to cooking steak is when the steak is almost completely cooked but still just has a hint of pink.The internal temperature should be between 72 and 77 degrees celsius. The steak should be pretty firm and the juices should be nearly clear.
Well Done

Well done steak is cooked thoroughly. There will be no traces of red or even pink. The juices should be clear if their are any. The internal temperature should be 77 degrees celsius and above.


Next time you visit your local steakhouse, you will know exactly what to tell your server when you are asked how you would like your steak cooked!