Friday night is date night and the pressure is on. You want to take your lady somewhere special, because she is special and deserves only the best. You want her to fall in love with you all over again. You tell her to go shopping for a new dress and promise that it will be worth every cent. Tonight is the night, you open her car door and invite her to step into the vehicle. Once she is secured in the vehicle, you gently close the door and proceed to the other side of the vehicle. You get in to start the car, but can’t help but take a moment to stop and stare; reveling in the unbelievable beauty that she is. You pull yourself together and begin driving. She asks where the two of you are headed, you just gaze at her and smile. You are taking her to the Stonehouse at Chaffee Crossing, it is where you had your first date years ago and where you first fell in love. It is a beautiful rustic steakhouse in Fort Smith that has been a favorite spot for many memories over the past few years.

You arrive at the steakhouse and retrieve your date from the passenger’s side. The restaurant is busy, but you have no fear; you made a reservation online weeks ago to ensure that this evening would go perfectly. She is clearly impressed with your selection and ability to plan ahead. You are seated a romantic table in dim lighting. Your waiter swoops over to see what you would like to drink. You start with a rich bottle of malbec, and decide to get started with the Crispy Hay Shrimp, and Fried Risotto. While your date is swooning over the delectable appetizers, you are swooning over how beautiful she looks, her face lightly lit by candle light. Tonight will be a night to remember, a night that you will remember forever. She choses the King Crab Legs as you were sure that she would, and you opt for the King Cut 16oz 1855 Black Angus Herb Crusted Prime Rib. While you are waiting on your dinner, you sneak away to request the best champagne for a special toast at the end of your meal. Once each of your finish your delicious meals, the waiter brings the champagne as requested. She is in awe of you. You get out of your chair, slowly lowering yourself onto one knee. Then you pull out the little black box, you open it revealing a ring sparkling to the heavens and back. Before the words can escape your mouth, she is crying and nodding yes. You proceed to ask anyways. You then slip the magnificent ring onto her finger. The steakhouse in Fort Smith where you shared your very first date, the place that you said “I love you,” for the first time, and now the place where you proposed to your soon to be wife. The Stonehouse is not only your go to steakhouse, but it is also a place to make memories that will last a lifetime.