When you head to a steakhouse, you are probably going there to get your red meat fix. While steakhouses, such as the Stonehouse in Fort Smith, have a lot of gourmet food options to choose from, you will most likely be going with a thick juicy cut of meat. Today we will be looking at the different cuts of meat and what you can expect when you order them.

Filet Mignon

If you have ever had the honor of sinking your teeth into a thick cut of fillet mignon, then you are familiar with the buttery texture, and lack of fat. This is one of the low-fat cuts of steak. It is a very lean cut of meat from the short loin primal of the steer. It is most commonly served after being wrapped in bacon and grilled. Other restaurants prefer to pan fry the cut in butter to lock in the rich flavor. At Stonehouse steakhouse of Fort Smith you can choose from our Bone-In Filet Mignon or our Chairman’s Reserve Filet Mignon.

The Ribeye

The ribeye steak gets its name because it is cut from the front end of the rib primal of the steer. This steak is very flavorful as it is marbled with fat throughout the cut. Many consider this to be the most flavorful cut of the cow. It is very beefy, thick, and rich in flavor. This cut of meat is delicious regardless of whether it is grilled, pan seared, broiled, or pan fried. Try our Tomahawk Ribeye or 1855 Black Angus Ribeye with a blue cheese crust.

Prime Rib

This cut of meat comes from the upper back section of the cow’s ribs. Prime Rib is an expensive cut of meat, so it is generally only served for special occasions. It is extremely tender and juicy. It is generally slow roasted to lock in the flavor and the juices. Enjoy a meal fit for a king at the Stonehouse with the 1855 Black Angus Herb Crusted Prime Rib. Enhance the flavors by adding sauteed mushrooms with shallots, butter, and wine.


This steak is huge. It is the cut where the tenderloin and the top loin meet. It is a thick and tender cut of meat. The porterhouse is like eating a very large version of a tenderloin steak. Much like the ribeye, the porterhouse will also be marbled. Paired with a baked potato loaded with cheddar cheese, butter, chives, and bacon this meal is perfection. Get your 28oz porterhouse steak at your local steakhouse, Stonehouse.


If you are craving the perfect cut of steak this evening, whether it be a porterhouse, prime rib, ribeye, filet mignon, or a flat iron, contact Stonehouse to reserve a table. All of our cuts of meat and other ingredients are locally farmed, so they are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. We even offer a variety of steak toppers including sauteed mushrooms in a shallots, butter, and white wine sauce, shrimp scampi topping in lemon, butter, and garlic, blue cheese crust with herbs, panko and stella blue cheese, grilled asparagus with pecorino romano and a fried egg, or oscar style topping that includes asparagus, jumbo lump crab, and hollandaise sauce. Find the steak of your dreams tonight at the Stonehouse.