With so many wine selections to choose from, it can be hard to decide which kind of wine is best to enjoy with a specific type of meal. There are so many rules to pairing wine. There is a specific pairing for meals with a creamy and cheesy sauce versus a red meat sauced meal in the same way that you will want to pair a different wine with your Shrimp Scampi than you would with a Tomahawk Ribeye. We know that the general rule is to drink white wine with chicken and fish, and choose red varieties when it comes to pork and beef. Today will be looking at types of wine that pair well specifically with steak, so next time you head to the Stonehouse steakhouse of Fort Smith you will know exactly what to order:

Bordeaux Wine

Bordeaux wines are mixed wines. They are blend of cabernet and merlots. They have a lot of tannins and acid. They pair perfectly with a rich gourmet meal, like steak and mashed potatoes with a buttery sauce. This is a French variety of wine from Bordeaux.

Cabernet Blends

Cabernet Blends from the Napa region are a classic pairing for steak. Cabernet blends are a simple, but rewarding choice. It is always a safe bet to order a glass of cabernet to pair with your red meat meal. This wine will pair well with your meal regardless of whether you decide to go with the Old Fashion Burger, Chafee Club, or Flat Iron Steak. Cabernets pair well with any juicy cut of red meat.


Malbec is a wine with character. It is the cabernet of Argentina. You can expect your glass of malbec to be very rich, earthy, and full bodied. Malbec wines contain hints of black cherry, raspberry, plum, and blackberry. It can also contain flavors of cocoa, coffee, molasses, leather, black pepper, gravel, and tobacco. It pairs perfectly with a prime cut of steak, like the Porterhouse paired with mushroom risotto, for a phenomenal combination. The bold flavor will be sure to roll out its own red carpet. It is also recommended to enjoy malbec with prime rib and pork dishes.


If you are eating a steak, or any other red meat that is zesty or has a sweet sauce, try pairing it with a rich and berry filled zinfandel from california. The wine also pairs exceptionally with BBQ dishes. Try a glass of zinfandel with the Glazed Pork Tender or BBQ Short Ribs. It also pairs well with aged cheeses so feel free to enjoy your glass of zin with your Stonehouse Wedge.

At the Stonehouse steakhouse of Fort Smith, you will find an array of different steaks like filet mignon, porterhouse, ribeye, prime rib, flat iron as aforementioned and other red meat choices to pair with these four wines. We have a large wine list, as well as other specialty beverages, to ensure that you can find the perfect pairing for every meal that you enjoy with us.