1. The Local Hot Spots

    Your cousin Sherri is in town for the weekend. You are so excited to show her around Fort Smith. You have a list of activities for the two of your to complete. You want to take her to your favorite specialty shop, Crane Clothing Co; Your local favorite. You also want to hit the farmer's market for some fresh local produce. They have the best strawberries around, and it is just about time to whip u…Read More

  2. Give Into The Cravings

    You dined at your favorite local farm fresh steakhouse last weekend. You had the hardest time deciding whether you wanted the Yardbird Marsala or the 1855 Black Angus Prime Rib. You ended up getting the Yardbird; there was something about the sound of creamy risotto, sweet marsala wine sauce, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms covering a piece of free-range chicken that you just couldn’t resist. I…Read More